Neelambar Jha

In the year 2001, to satiate his desire of teaching, NJ (Neelambar Jha) started Judicial Services Exams Coaching through Postal mode i.e. correspondence course. Those were the days when all Study Materials were typed using the old typewriter, Remington type…

Three years later, the “Judicial Classes” was born and Contact Class Room Coaching got started.

NJ has always been pioneer in whatever he did, and so ‘Judicial Classes’, changed its platform of teaching. NJ moved on from conventional class room teaching to “Internet Based Online Classes”, popularly referred to as E-Learning.

NJ revolutionized the way Law teaching was done and understood by so called Teachers / Professors / Institutes.

Technology has changed the way we do everything, including the way student learns, court functions, documents are prepared, application forms are filled, judiciary exams are conducted (rapidly changing exam pattern), considering this and further to reach to a wider audience, NJ came up with the idea of Internet Based Online Law Coaching.

Through this Online Law Coaching, all geographical barrier would be broken and at the peace of own study room, Law students would be able to take Classes from, India’s Best Law Teacher – Neelambar Jha.

Welcome to a new era of Law Education …

NJ’s Studio Recorded Video Lectures are the World’s Best Law Lectures for Judiciary Exams preparations, equally NJ’s Studio Recorded Video’s Lectures are also World’s Most Popular Law Lectures for Judiciary Exams preparations.

Most of the Law students attends regular college and many of them also takes coaching just from anybody, which proves to be completely useless for Judiciary Exams.

NJ observed that –

– most of the students are not having any foundation at all,
– most of the students are tired of memorizing as they have not understood any concept at all,
– most of the students spent their life-time in trying to memorize the names of Leading Cases and Judgments, Bare Acts, whereas, they have not understood anything.

However, NJ also observed that, all Students of Law, wants to have a great expertise at Law –

– to clear their Judiciary Exams,
– achieve success in their practice / bar,
– top their college exams.

Equally, NJ also observed that most of the students are not weak rather they are just slow learners, if so-called weak students are provided with sufficient time and ‘Right methodology to study law’ then they will develop great expertise at Law.

Considering all this, ‘Judicial Classes’ came up with the idea of “NJ’s Studio Recorded Video Lectures”, World’s most advanced method to study Law and prepare for Judiciary Exams.