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Guarantee NJ Law Classes

Guarantee :


Guarantee of Learning

Guarantee of learning the Art of interpretation

Guarantee of Full Course as suggested by NJ Sir

Guarantee that the concepts of Law has been discussed minutely, supported by leading Judgements as well as supported by the views of prominent jurists

Guarantee that the Judgements of different courts  i.e. Privy Council; Chancery Division; King’s Bench; Queen’s Bench; House of Lord’s; Supreme Court of India; All other Supreme Courts – US, Canada etc.; All High Courts – Lahore, Sindh, Nagpur, Allahabad, Kerala, Madras, Bombay, Delhi and many others, have been critically analysed and interpreted

Guarantee of availability throughout Licence Validity

Guarantee of all Paid Support as mentioned on website

Guarantee that all Questions answered would be 100 per cent correct

Guarantee that Neelambar Jha will personally address all academic queries

Guarantee that the concepts has been applied on practical situation

Guarantee that none of the questions, arising in your mind, in reference to the concepts will remain unanswered (in Video Lectures itself)







Guarantee of being Risk Free

Our entire Admission process is 
Risk Free :

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3.  Pay Installment Charge of Rs. 9,000 (Nine Thousand Only) and avail Installment Facility
 (Total Fee will be increased by Rs. 9,000 and divided in Three Monthly Installment. Installment Facility is for Programs costing more than Rs. 45,000)