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STEP 1. 

Have your Email Id ready with you (you shall be identified by this E-mail Id)

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STEP 3. 

Submit the form given below

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Deposit the Fee in the Bank Account (Online Transfer / Cash Deposit) mentioned below

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In case of Online Transfer, follow this – record the Transaction Number and in details space mention that it is Fee for NJ

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In case of Cash Deposit, follow this – Keep the receipt folio and get it scanned

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Scan your Photo Id (the purchase is only for Individual use)

STEP 5. 

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Name, Mobile No., Email Id, Any one detail as per STEP 4, Photo ID

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Receive receipt in PDF format and your Login ID and Password and from here on your relationship with Neelambar Jha Organisation starts.


Important –

  • Any one of these - Bank Receipt, PDF receipt from us, is your Proof of Purchase
  • Licence from us is Individual Licence and you may not share it with anybody else
  • Licence is only for use and Student will not try to download any of the material (Remember that we would be able to track this)



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License to access Online Law Coaching by Neelambar Jha, is a Individual License only. Sharing, download, try to copy / capture / save / download is not allowed. User has to accept the terms of use. Detailed terms, would be shared by Neelambar Jha Organisation, during Admission Process.

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Rewati Raman Vishewar, General Manager - Admission & Sales

Mob. No. +91 - 9910680423

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+91 - 8585919971

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Always remember you are a professional lawyer (and not general student).
Chat, Call, Email, shall be used only to discuss something which is already there on website, but might not be very clear to you. So, Chat, Call, Email, shall be used to remove any pre-purchase doubt, which both of us may have.

Emails and Calls special remarks :-  

1. Generally, we reply to all emails within the same working day or 24 Hrs., whichever earlier. If you don't see our Reply, then, be sure to check your spam or junk folders.

2. Emails and Chats are good at keeping things documented. Twelve Hrs a day, we are at our emails / chats, so it’s the most preferred way to reach for any work, be it Existing Academic Support or New Purchases.

3. If, due to any previous engagements, we are not able to take your Call, then just drop us an SMS and we shall revert you at the earliest possible time.  

Neelambar Jha,Director - Academics,
Neelambar Jha Organisation
Contact Neelambar Jha Coaching Delhi Jaipur Judiciary Allahabad
Send email at :- (addressed to Rewati Raman Vishewar)

Rewati Raman Vishewar, CEO, General Manager-Admission & Sales, Neelambar Jha Organisation
Contact Neelambar Jha Coaching Delhi Jaipur Judiciary Allahabad

 Mob. No. - 9910680423

If you are new Judiciary Aspirants and interested to seek advise on "How to Prepare for Judiciary"; "Which Books shall be used to Prepare for Judiciary"; then Join today, our Program - "Telephonic Counselling - How to prepare for Judiciary Exams". - see the complete details here - Click Here.

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1.  Free Demo Lectures are available - Click Here to see Demo Lectures

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3.  Pay Installment Charge of Rs. 9,000 (Nine Thousand Only) and avail Installment Facility
 (Total Fee will be increased by Rs. 9,000 and divided in Three Monthly Installment. Installment Facility is for Programs costing more than Rs. 45,000)

Please "Do  Not"  Call us for Information already available on this website, go through the pages of website properly to find your desired information. 
(you may also use the Search Box given above).

Call Us only when you are 
Ready to take Admission.